Illustration Life

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. As an artist I understand that we live in an ocean of creativity and often times we tend to get lost in the waves. During this pandemic, I’ve had time to really dive into my art, my passion and rekindle that love of illustration. For […]

Creating: Fah Kyu Foo Logo

So, I was doing a watercolor workshop at a local park last summer, during my workshop this little girl sits on the table and begins to paint. Soon after, her dad comes by, curious to see what the workshop was about, he sits and observes all the little kids doing their activity. About a week […]

Building my website!

Yes, finally updating my webpage! If you are visiting my site, please be patient as I am still editing all my work to upload. There are still various pieces of work that will give you an idea of what I do. Please feel free to browse through the different options and if you still want […]


Welcome to my website. Hope you find something interesting and inspiring.